Locate+ Solutions

Locate+ Hygiene

Automated Hand Hygiene Compliance monitoring,

Badge based automated monitoring alerts and dashboards to measure hand hygiene compliance, hourly rounding and service alerts for dispensers to keep them full and available at all times.

  • Reduce HAI's

  • Instant feedback

  • Realtime Course Correction

Locate+ Patient Throughput

Patient flow automated in real-time,

RTLS integration to OR/ED throughput software locates patients and displays status information for clinicians and family.

  • Notification of Patient progress

  • Realtime Information

  • Realtime Scheduling

Locate+ EMR Integration

Real-time data charted for you,

Assists in documentation burdened on clinicians that can easily be entered in automatically for staff, patient and equipment location.

  • Reduce charting time

  • Standardize information

  • Increase Accuracy

Locate+ Asset Tracking

Instant access to all assets in real-time.

Tracked and managed assets that curbs over-purchansing while aiding clinicians in efficiency and assisting preventative maintenance.

  • Find Equipment Quickly

  • Improvments in preventative maintenance

  • Reduction in extra equipment

Locate+ Call Light Integration

Real-time location data at your fingertips.

Clinician location with integration to call light systems and documents staff time with patient.

  • Dome Light presence indication

  • Time with patient

  • Hourly Rounding

Locate+ Wayfinding

Indoor turn-by-turn navigation on your smartphone,

Reduce anxiety and confusion by providing indoor turn by turn navigation from your smartphone.

  • Indoor navigation

  • Step by step directions with blue dot accuracy

  • Push location based information or surveys

Better Patient Care Is Within Reach

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