About fwrd thinking

fwrd thinking solutions have one thing in common – ease of use.  Our team understands that patients are at the center of what you do every day.  And positive patient outcomes are the endgame for any action a clinician takes.

 That’s why it’s so important to create solutions that give caregivers a way to get intelligent data for real time course correction.  In fact, all of our solutions were created with hospital partners like HCA and many others, due to their frustration that there was not something easier and more affordable in the market.  

We believe in helping you improve the patient experience, manage healthier outcomes for all and reduce the cost of healthcare.  

Easy to deploy and easy to use smart room concepts, location of staff and assets, patient flow and hand hygiene compliance are just some of the ways we affect change in point of care every day.

Increase HCAHPS

Increasing time with patients and supporting hourly rounding has a direct effect on raising HCAHPS scores.

Reduce HAIs

For Every 1% of hand hygiene improvement, we see a direct correlation to reduced infections and a direct cost savings to the hospital.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Save time spent on finding equipment like wheelchairs, ventilators, defibrillators, beds, IV pumps and stretchers and make use of each product more efficiently.

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